How To: Find sound effects on the Internet for your film

Find sound effects on the Internet for your film

If you need some sound effects for your upcoming film, you better watch this video! After principle photography in production, you have to get into the editing process in post-porduction, which leads to sound department for ADR, Foley, Sound Effects and Sound Design. If you can't afford a professional sound designer for your movie, you can do it yourself, and this video will help you find sound effects on the Internet for your film.

The sites in the video will help you get that perfect sound, so check them out:
*Amazing selection and preview device, good quality and overall an amazing site.
*25,000 sounds, the majority of them are good quality, but you have to make an account, but it's worth it!
*7,000 sounds of not bad quality, a really good preview device, but is hard to navigate, since it only six previews per page.
*Really good quality, but not the biggest selection (125 sound effects).
*Insanely good quality, but a small selection of free sounds.
*2000 sounds, not the best quality (decent) and good organization with easy to find desired sounds.
*Good organization (search) and decent quality, but the search doesn't always work.
*Pretty big selection with a decent quality, but some broken links.
*Huge selection, but not the best quality.
*Small selection; some have great quality, others don't.
*Decent selection, but not too great of quality.
*Bad quality and hard to find specific sounds (no description, etc.).

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